Club Activities

All events start at 7:30 pm at the Reformed Church located at
1228 Teall Avenue (just south of James Street) on the east side of Syracuse. (map)
The public is welcome to attend.

2018-2019 Schedule
Workshops Competitions Image Shows
September 5 September 26  
October 3 October 17 October 24
November 7 November 28  
December 5 December 19  
January 2 January 16 - Abstract January 30
February 6 February 20 February 27
March 6 March 20 - Leading Lines March 27
April 3 April 17 April 24
May 1 May 15 - Long Exposure  
June 2019 Schedule
Competition Year-End Judging Banquet
June 5 Tuesday, June 11* June 26
Event Details
  • September 5: Workshop - What I Did On My Summer Vacation
  • September 26: Competition - Click here for judge.
  • October 3: Workshop - 'Matting and Framing' presented by Terry Krause
  • October 17: Competition - Click here for judge.
  • October 24: Image Show
  • November 7: Workshop - 'LED Portrait Lighting' presented by Jeff Perkins
  • November 28: Competition - Click here for judge.
  • December 5: Workshop - 'Lightroom for Beginner and Experts' presented by Bob Gates
  • December 19: Competition - Click here for judge.
  • January 2: Workshop - 'Long Exposure Photography' by Norm Schillawski
  • January 16: Competition - Assigned Topic: Abstract
  • January 30: Image Show
  • February 6: Workshop - 'Be Your Own Judge' competition
  • February 20: Competition
  • February 27: Image Show
  • March 6: Workshop - SCC Members Image Show and Tell
  • March 20: Competition - Assigned Topic: Leading Lines
  • March 27: Image Show
  • April 3: Club Exhibition - Club Exhibition Reception at May Memorial
  • April 17: Competition
  • April 24: Image Show
  • May 1: Workshop - Topic TBA
  • May 15: Competition - Assigned Topic: Long Exposure
  • June 5: Competition
  • June 11 [Tuesday]: Year-End Judging (*not open to members or public)
  • June 26: Banquet

Workshops when offered, are held on the first Wednesday of each month.

Topics: (Click topic for description)

What I Did On My Summer Vacation (September)

All you need to do is bring some prints or digital images of what you did during your summer vacation and we can talk and mingle and share stories. It's our welcoming to the new season and gives the old and the new members a chance to meet and mingle during a relaxed evening. No judges, no image shows, no pressure.

Matting and Framing (October)

This workshop presented by Terry Krause of Joann Craft and Fabrics store, will discuss and demonstrate techniques and materials for matting and framing photos.

LED Portrait Lighting (November)

SCC Member Jeff Perkins will discuss LED Lighting as an option for additional lighting for portrait or still object photography. LED Lights will be provided and participants are encouraged to bring their DSLR cameras to shoot some subjects. Bring a tripod if your DSLR is noisy around 800 ISO. Regarding lens for typical portrait photography bring a 50mm-100mm focal length lens for APC DSLRs or 70mm-150mm focal length lens for full frame DSLRs.

Lightroom for Beginner and Experts (December)

Presented by longtime SCC member Bob Gates and Lightroom Guru, Bob will begin with a brief overview of the program and what you can do with it, and then move on to more advanced features like cataloguing, sorting, tagging, filtering and the use of keywords. The main part of the presentation will be an in depth look at Lightroom’s powerful tools for editing your images.

Competitions are usually held on the third Wednesday of each month and are judged by experienced photographers from Syracuse and Kodak Ambassadors from Rochester. For competition rules, see the competition page.

Entries in all competitions can be of any subject, except for competitions in January, March, and May, those competitions have assigned topics as noted here.

Assigned Topics:

Abstract (January 16) - An image that does not have an immediate association with the objective world. It may isolate a fragment of a natural scene in order to remove its context; it may be purposely staged to create a seemingly unreal appearance from real objects; or it may involve the use of color, light, shadow, texture, shape and/or form to convey a feeling, sensation or impression.

Leading Lines (March 20) - A composition technique whereby the viewer's eye is attracted to lines that lead further into the image and onto the main subject or focal point. You can use them to draw a viewer's attention to a specific part of the frame, whether it's a person, an object, or a vanishing point in the background of the frame.

Long Exposure (May 15) - involves using a long-duration shutter speed (usually defined as seconds instead of fractions of a second) to blur, smear, or obscure moving elements in the scene. Non-moving elements in the image may be captured in sharp focus.

Image shows when scheduled, usually take place on the last Wednesday of the month.

October - Crossroads of the Adriatic by Linda O. Cohen, Spain and Portugal by Guy Swenson

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