Club Activities

Schedule for 2017-2018
Workshops Competitions Image Shows
September 6 September 27 Note: New Date  
October 4 October 18 October 25
November 1 November 15  
December 6 December 20  
January 3 January 17 - Macro Photography January 31
February 7 postponed to 5/23 February 21 February 28
March 7 March 21 - Reflections March 28
April 4 April 18 April 25
May 2nd - Club Business Meeting - Workshop rescheduled to 5/23
May 23 Note: New Date May 16 - Street Scenes  
June 2018 Schedule
Competition Year-End Judging Banquet
June 6 Tuesday, June 12 June 27

Complete Calendar of Events for 2017-2018

All events start at 7:30 p.m. at the Reformed Church, 1228 Teall Avenue (just south of James Street) on the east side of Syracuse (directions). The public is welcome to attend.

  • September 6: Workshop - What I Did On My Summer Vacation
  • September 27: Note: New Date: Competition - Click here for judge.
  • October 4: Workshop - Mat Cutting by Joe Inzalaco
  • October 18: Competition - Click here for judge.
  • October 25: Image Show
  • November 1: Workshop - Travel Photography by Wesley Fuez
  • November 15: Competition - Click here for judge.
  • December 6: Workshop - Member Swap & Sell, Adobe MAX Report
  • December 20: Competition - Click here for judge.
  • January 3: Workshop - Choosing Images for Competition by Teresa Letkiewicz
  • January 17: Competition - Assigned Topic: Macro Photography - Click here for judge.
  • January 31: Image Show, How Did You Create That Image? panel discussion
  • February 7: Workshop - postponed to May 23, 2018
  • February 21: Competition - Click here for judge.
  • February 28: Image Show
  • March 7: Workshop - Lightworks @ SU 6:00pm to 9:00pm
  • March 21: Competition - Assigned Topic: Reflections - Click here for judge.
  • March 28: Image Show
  • April 4: Club Exhibition Reception at May Memorial
  • April 18: Competition - Click here for judge.
  • April 25: Image Show
  • May 2: Club Business Meeting/Discussion
  • May 16: Competition - Assigned Topic: Street Scenes - Click here for judge.
  • May 23: Note: New Date: Workshop - 'Be Your Own Judge' competition
  • June 6: Competition - Click here for judge.
  • June 12 [Tuesday]: Year-End Judging (not open to members or public)
  • June 27: Banquet

Workshops when offered, are held on the first Wednesday of each month.

Topics: (Click topic for description)

What I Did On My Summer Vacation (September)

All you need to do is bring some prints or digital images of what you did during your summer vacation and we can talk and mingle and share stories. It's our welcoming to the new season and gives the old and the new members a chance to meet and mingle during a relaxed evening. No judges, no image shows, no pressure.

Mat Cutting (October)

Joe Inzalaco from Commercial Art Supply will present a workshop on Mat Cutting. Joe will discuss matting prints and the mechanics of creating your own mats. Joe will have a live demonstration using a cutter and materials.

Travel Photography (November)

This workshop will feature the aspects of travel photography presented by Wesley Fuez, photographer and manager at the Ralins Photo department. Wesley will discuss equipment recommendation for travel photography and selection of lenses for different shooting conditions and subjects.

Member Swap & Sell, Adobe MAX Report (December)

Each member may bring in photography equipment and/or books or other photography paraphernalia they wish to Swap or Sell. These items may be priced or marked "free". Each member is responsible for his/her own items and should be clearly tagged. A table marked for "free" items will be set up. Other tables will be set up for members to make their own "sale spaces".

Adobe MAX, The Creativity Conference Report. SCC Member, Don Fisher, attended the conference and will share an overview of the new products, how they interact, and updated licensing programs. He will also provide some insights into the future directions for Lightroom and Photoshop that will impact photographers.

Choosing Images for Competition (January)

This workshop presented by SCC member Teresa Letkiewicz, will discuss some of the technical aspects most often pointed out by our competition judges. At the workshop we will create a technical checklist. This checklist will assist members when performing a critique of their photos and deciding which to enter into a competition or portfolio. There will be some example images that we can evaluate as a group using provided checklist. Members will be encouraged to submit photos to assist in this workshop.

Lightworks @ SU (March)

Lightwork lab manager, Amrita Stützle, will give us a tour of the facility and demonstrate some post processing techniques. Members are encouraged to bring an image for Amrita to demonstrate post processing using Lightwork resources.

Club Exhibition Reception (April)

The club will host an opening reception of the SCC Exhibition and Sale at May Memorial Unitarian Universalist Society, time 7:00pm - 9:00pm. See the Exhibitions page for more information.

Competitions are usually held on the third Wednesday of each month and are judged by experienced photographers from Syracuse and Kodak Ambassadors from Rochester. For competition rules, see the competition page.

Entries in all competitions can be of any subject, except for competitions in January, March, and June, those competitions have assigned topics as noted.

Assigned Topics:

Macro Photography (January 17) - Extreme close-up photography, usually of very small subjects and living organisms like insects, in which the size of the subject in the photograph is greater than life size of fills the frame.

Reflections (March 21) - A transformation in which the image direction is reversed – such as a mirror image but not always recognizable, e.g. (distortion from water movement) but a mirror image of the original image.

Street Scenes (May 16) - Documenting everyday life and society on the streets while capturing emotion, humanity, and/or showing a person’s character.

Image shows when scheduled, usually take place on the last Wednesday of the month.

October - Dalmatian Coast by Dan Harris, Out of Africa 2016 by Rosalie Spitzer

January - Remembering 9-11 by Don Fisher, Dive Charro Cozumel by Ken Frehm. After the Image Shows will be a panel discussion from members on How Did You Create That Image?

February - Portfolio by Buddy Belonsoff, Winter Zoo Photo Contest by Bob Gates, Chairs, Benches, and a Couple of Sofas by Elizabeth Groat.

March - My Adventures in India by Teresa Letkiewicz, Faces of Cuba by Jenn Grzyvinsky.

April - The Simple Things by Buddy Belonsoff, Graffiti by Dan Harris.

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