Digital Competition – Nov 2018

Results judged by Mike Davis:

1st – Abstraction by Diana Whiting
2nd – Night Life by Linda O. Cohen
3rd – Admire by Heidi Vantassel
HM – Snow Field Blue by Lee Herman

1st – Zen Reeds by Jeff Perkins
2nd – Brought to Light by Jenn Grzyvinsky
3rd – Love All by Jenn Grzyvinsky
HM – Window by Sarah Pralle
HM – Punk Rocker Hands by Jeff Perkins
HM – Harpist by Sherry Dans

1st – Feel the Burn by Don Fisher
2nd – Birds Eye View by Kenneth Freer
3rd – Moat Around the Fort by Raymond Dague
HM – Checking the Sets by Guy Swenson