Digital Competition – January 2021

Trees themed competition results judged by Chris Murray:

1st – My Church by Diana Whiting
2nd – Ephemeral by Diana Whiting
3rd – Redwood Splendor by Bob Gates
HM – Standing Tall by Teresa Letkiewicz

1st – Bare and Beautiful by John Stulman
2nd – California Tree Bark by Rosanne Ecker
3rd – Fallen Leaves by Rosanne Ecker
HM – Hanging On by Deb Putman
HM – Winter Trio by Jeanne Lagergren
HM – Tree Overlooking a Pond at Tanglewood.. by Mark Feulner
HM – Leaves Blowing in the Wind-A Surreal View by Mark Feulner
HM – Angry At the Wind by Joe Dillman

1st – At Home by Michael Slaunwhite
2nd – The Root Of It All by Donald Florczyk
3rd – Into The Woods by Susan Klapheke
HM – Reach For The Sky by Michael Slaunwhite