Digital Competition – March 2021

Portraits theme results judged by Greg Heisler:

1st – Frederico by Jeff Perkins
2nd – Young Native American Man In Headdress by Jeanann Wieners
3rd – Pandemic; A Year In Reflection by Diana Whiting
HM – How Big Is Your Television? by Elisabeth Groat

1st – Portrait of Jonathan by Rosanne Ecker
2nd – Olivia and the Jester by Justine Fenu
3rd – Waiting (2) by Justine Fenu
HM – Triple Overtime Win by Dawn Burness
HM – Victoria by Deb Putman
HM – Patriarch by Diane Lansing
HM – The Grands by Sherry Dans

1st – Jayda by Donald Florczyk
2nd – Aggie by Diana Green
3rd – Having A Bad Hair Day by Buddy Belonsoff