Digital Competition – May 2021

Birds theme results judged by Carol Keeler:

1st – On The Wing by Diana Whiting
2nd – Baby On Board by Diana Whiting
3rd – Death Of A Hawk by Elisabeth Groat
HM – The Power Of An Osprey by Jeff Perkins

1st – Home Sweet Home by Sherry Dans
2nd – Flamingo by Len Levy
3rd – A Mother’s Love by Sandi Patnode
HM – Snack Time by Carol Erb
HM – Comin’ Through by Deb Putman
HM – Lock On by John Stulman
HM – At Rest by Katherine Woodle
HM – The Catch by Lisa Hackley

1st – The Grab by Donald Florczyk
2nd – January by Tom McKay
3rd – Wary by Keith Waldron
HM – Lilac-Breasted Roller by Diana Green