Competition Themes for 2021-2022

Announcing the Competition themes and definitions for theĀ 2021-2022 club season:

Architectural PhotographyJanuary 19

Photographing the design aesthetics of buildings and structures. It can include shooting
building exteriors or interiors as well as bridges, other structures and cityscapes. Parts
of structures are acceptable. People may be in the photograph but should not be the
center of interest.

Black and WhiteMarch 16

A photograph consisting entirely of blacks, whites, and shades of gray.

WildlifeMay 18

A photograph of living, non-domesticated mammals, birds, fish, reptiles, amphibians, or
insects. Wildlife in captivity is acceptable. The image must include an actual live animal
or part of a live animal as an important part of the image. Humans or plants may appear
in the image but should not be the center of interest.