Digital Competition – January 2022

Architectural Photography themed results judged by Meredith Cantor-Feller:

1st – Sic Transit Gloria by Elisabeth Groat
2nd – Prison Esthetic by Diana Whiting
3rd – Rome Office Building by Teresa Letkiewicz
HM – Everson Orange by Linda O. Cohen
HM – Old Town Reflections by Maria Aridgides

1st – Sedona Chapel by Guy Swenson
2nd – Urban Landscape by Dawn Burness
3rd – Light Beams by Joe Dillman
HM – Sleepy Tuscan Morning by Diane Lansing
HM – Shades of Glass by Joe Dillman
HM – Everson by Kenneth Frehm

1st – The Whitney Once Upon a Sunday by Andrea Reinking
2nd – Air Innovations by Buddy Belonsoff
3rd – The Door by Peter Hay
HM – Chicago Reflections by Kenneth Freer