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President Buddy Belonsoff scc.president
Vice President Diana Whiting scc.vicepresident
Secretary Sheila Quinell scc.secretary
Treasurer Kerry Thurston scc.treasurer
Assistant Treasurer David DiRoma scc.treasurer


Membership Marie Ryan
Special Topics Marie Ryan and Leo Baker
Records Len Levy, Jeanne Lagergren and Bob Burdick records.c
Image Shows Linda Cohen and Dan Harris
Workshops Jeff Perkins and Guy Swenson workshop.c
Judges Deb Putman and Lisa Hackley
Prints Sherry Dans and Jeanne Lagergren
Digital Team Sherry Dans, David DiRoma, DJ Igelsrud and Teresa Letkiewicz projected.c
Meetups Carol Erb and Nancy Kieffer
Facebook Moderator Steve Blind
Group Moderator Bob Gates and Steve Blind group.mod
Webmaster Steve Blind web.master
For general questions about the club, please email the Syracuse Camera Club prefix