Our meetings are held at 7:30pm on Wednesday evenings in the Reformed Church of Syracuse.
Sept-May 2019-2020 Schedule
Workshops Competitions Image Shows
September 4 September 18 September 25

What I Did On My Summer Vacation

All you need to do is bring (up to 5 per member) prints or digital images of what you did during your summer vacation and we can talk and mingle and share stories. It’s our welcoming to the new season and gives the old and the new members a chance to meet and mingle during a relaxed evening.

Presentation of trophies and certificates to end-of-the-year winners.

No judges, no image shows, no pressure.

Scheduled shows presented by SCC members:

Robert Burdick
Diane Lansing

Titles to be announced. Presentations are subject to change.

October 2 October 16 October 30
The workshop Depicting Central New York is to prepare for upcoming club exhibits. Members are asked to bring up to 10 digital images to the workshop of scenes from Central New York. The images will be displayed to show their efforts and garner feedback.

The judge for October 16 is Bruce Strong.

I can be looking for different things in different photos. I often look for a narrative or emotional impact or a combination of the two.

Scheduled Image Shows presented by SCC members:

A Retrospective by Robert Burdick
Portugal by Daniel Harris

Presentations are subject to change.

November 6 November 20
Baltimore Woods Exhibit Preview. This workshop is an opportunity to share images from Autumn in Central New York in preparation for the Baltimore Woods Exhibit scheduled for Sept/Oct 2020.

Images can be taken from around the Central New York area which includes the Adirondacks and the Finger Lakes. Please bring up to five digital images on a thumb drive to display. The fun part of the workshop will be club members feedback to help us decide which of images they would select for the Baltimore exhibit. Of course the final decision is the photographer’s. Images do not have to be taken this autumn but can be from prior autumns as well.

The judge for November 20th is David Cornelius Sutherland: It must have good content, composition — is the frame filled and the background controlled — and good technical quality.

It must have strong visual impact, be interesting enough to keep my attention, and often the best photos tell me something new about the world. That isn’t required to be an excellent photo but many of the best do that.

David Sutherland taught at Syracuse University for 40 years in photojournalism, picture editing and photography. He is recently retired.

December 4 December 18  Cancelled

“The Subjective Landscape” presented by Chris Murray:

Professional photographer Chris Murray of Syracuse will draw the distinction between objective and subjective landscape; qualities of each, differences of approach and intent and then, “listening” to your vision.

The judge for December 18th is Jamie Young: Aside from the obviously technical, a well technically executed image is important. The decisions for executing the image to appear a certain way should be intentional in regard to how the image portrays the narrative and/or emotion the photographer wants the viewer to see. Aesthetically I want to see an image that has an interesting narrative and/or emotional power, which is also well framed and composed.

January 15 – Still Life January 29
For themed competition ‘Still Life’, the judge on January 15th is Meredith Cantor-Feller: Still life as an image of objects that have been purposefully placed into a scene or environment. The objects are placed there purposefully which means each object has a strong value in the narrative. This doesn’t mean that all of the still life is created. The background or some foundation elements may have been part of the environment but are still very accountable for their role in the story. In essence, like minimalism, all parts play valuable roles.

I look for the elements in the still life to state their purpose clearly and have a relationship to other elements in the still life in a meaningful way. For example: How two things touch or don’t. How the colors compliment or don’t.

Scheduled Image Shows presented by SCC members:

Crow PowWow by Diana Green, Elisha Stosko and Joanne Niedzwicki
Syracuse Camera Club Members Visit Buffalo N.Y. by Ken Frehm

February 5 February 19 February 26
Portrait Photography
Meredith Cantor-Feller, Director of the photography department at Onondaga Community College, will clarify what is necessary for a “great” photo portrait.
The judge for February 19th is Rick Boysen: I’m looking for photographs that make me feel… Maybe it’s a good feeling, maybe it’s bad, but passion is what I want to feel when viewing a photograph. My favorite shots are usually the ones that reach inside me and do something… do anything… make me laugh, cry, get mad, or just appreciate the beauty of life… and if I stop and take notice of a shot, well, it’s usually because it made me feel. I think it’s a little ironic, considering all my technical skill and knowledge, that I tend to judge photos based on emotion, not just technical prowess… I’d rather view a poorly exposed and grainy, slightly blurry photo that conveys passion and feeling, than a technically perfect one that makes me feel… nothing.
Scheduled Image Shows presented by SCC members:

Around East Syracuse by Buddy Belonsoff
One Year on the Trans Alaska Pipeline by Guy Swenson

March 4 March 18 – Birds March 25
Why Make Pictures
Michael Davis, Profession of Photography at Syracuse University will be the guest speaker. The presentation is about a process that helps people elevate their photography, regardless of genre, by starting with the realization that why we make photographs can determine how to approach the making of them. I’ll walk through the process by applying this thinking to the tools and aspects of photography.
The judge for the March themed competition ‘Birds’: Carol Keeler

Carol sees bird photography as really no different than any other type of photography. Bird photos that tell a story are more compelling than static ones. Composition and lighting can make a nice portrait, but adding action and or behavior adds yet another dimension to elevating a photo. Pleasing backgrounds and sharpness are also important.

Carol’s photos can be viewed at

Birds – A group of warm blooded vertebrates characterized by feathers toothless beaked jaws. The laying of hardshell eggs and a strong yet light weight skeleton.

April 1 April 15 April 29
May 6 May 20 – Portraits
June 2020 Schedule
Competition Year-End Judging Banquet
June 3 Tuesday, June 9* June 24
*Not open to members or public.
The Syracuse Camera Club has cancelled all meetings until further notice.
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